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Blanket Unity Ceremony

Posted on 22 June, 2019 at 8:05

Warmth, Comfort & Love

The blanket symbolizes your bond, your support and your closeness

that will continue to develop day after day.

This loving unity ceremony represents the comfort, support, understanding, compassion and beauty you bring to each other on your wedding day and throughout the years to come.

When Cass was born, her Grandmother made this special quilt as a gift for Cass’ wedding day. This quilt signifies the warmth, comfort and love, not only that Cass and Leo have for each other. The blanket also represents the support and comfort of family and friends that is needed to sustain a healthy relationship.

Your special blanket can be used cuddling together in the living room, bedroom, cool evenings or any other time.

A comforting reminder of your special bond and your special love.

Celebrate Your Love & Your Special Day in Your Own Special Way!

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