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Children in your Ceremony

Posted on 15 June, 2019 at 8:15

Without a Doubt - They ARE Wedding Show Stoppers!

Here are a few tips to consider when you have little ones

participating in your ceremony.

Practice … practice … practice … How to walk down the aisle – How to throw the petals – How to carry a sign – What to do with rings – oh, and by the way, be prepared – because when your day arrives … they may get excited or confused or scared or all of the above and who knows what they’ll do. These are the things that make them such a Big Hit.

Assign a helper, someone they know, trust, not make strange with is preferable and is responsible.

Let them know where mommy and/or daddy will be sitting.

Consider their age – for example: a flower girl can hold your bouquet during the ceremony.

Instead of your super expensive wedding rings, perhaps the ring bearer may have “faux” rings on the pillow and member of your bridal party have the real deal.

Some of the ceremonies I perform are breaking with tradition. The flower girl carries the rings or the boy carries the petals – or – they share all the roles together.

Remember – You can create your day!

Celebrate Your Love & Your Special Day in Your Own Special Way!

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