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Remembering Loved Ones

Posted on 26 May, 2019 at 19:55

Beautiful & meaningful ceremony ways of remembering

those who have gone before us.

Your Wedding Day is about you and the love you share – A Happy Time!

Yet, at times reality can check in with those happy-sad moments when you are reminded of loved ones no longer here to share in your Special Day.

There are so many thoughtful ways during the ceremony to honour and recognize loved ones who have passed without “overbearing” your Happy Day or your ceremony.

Here are a few ideas for your ceremony. (There are numerous ways during your reception as well.)

Simple invocation by your officiant - Usually, I say a sentence or two almost at the beginning of the ceremony. Sometimes I mention names, and sometimes I don’t, depending on a couple’s preference. I keep it simple, respectful and loving. At times I start by acknowledging friends & family who couldn’t attend your wedding for various reasons such as distance. My recommendation is to keep the invocation at the beginning part of the ceremony, allowing the rest of the ceremony to be devoted to you, your love and your marriage.  I run the words of invocation by my couples to be sure they are okay with it and to get their approval.

Reserved Chair – A memory chair is often reserved for a special loved one(s) no longer with us. It can be decorated with a flower(s) or a sign is printed. I’ve also had the Bride and Groom place a bouquet of flowers or a simple rose on the chair as part of their ceremony.

Memorial Candle – Lighting of a memorial candle beginning your ceremony or having a pre-lit candle. Open flame can be challenging outdoors or your venue may not allow for open flame. Consult with your venue or use a battery candle.

Memorial Table – Often a special honouring table is decorated with flowers, pictures, mementos and candles. The table is generally at the reception, however, I have had them off to one side during a ceremony and then moved to the reception area.

Unique Ideas - I’ve had brides/grooms wear special jewelry or place mementos or jewelry in flowers, have a poem read, incorporate favourite colours, favourite song, so many individual ideas ... I’ve even had the privilege of wearing a special scarf as I’ve officiated a wedding. 

You know best what best suits your emotions and needs - think of ways that work for you.

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