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Ceremony Flowers

Posted on 6 May, 2019 at 8:00

Are you considering using your ceremony flowers

elsewhere in your wedding?

I’ve discussed this with Lead Florist, Indra Tan, of Plush Flowers.

While this works for some weddings, for others perhaps not so much.

Here only some questions to consider:

Is there enough time from the end of your ceremony to reception and/or dinner to collect your ceremony flowers, perhaps take down your arbour flowers and make the switch or relocate?

Does your photographer, videographer or guests still want to take pictures by your ceremonial arbour?

Who’s going to do it and are they available? Will it be your florist, décor person, planner, venue staff, friends, family?

Will it prove disruptive to your guests and / or wedding day itinerary?

Is it really cost-effective? Will you incur an additional charge for someone’s time and, if so, is that still less than having other floral arrangements made?

What other things specific to your wedding day would you need to consider? 

Depending on your wedding day plans, re-purposing your gorgeous flowers

 from your ceremony, may or may not be a cost & efficient alternative.

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