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Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies

Posted on 21 April, 2019 at 20:15

Dreaming of your romantic & magical outdoor ceremony?

Here's some tips . . . 

What’s your setting?  Is it a forest, farm, golf course, your venue’s gazebo, park or maybe lakefront?

Perhaps it’s even your own backyard or property as pictured above.

There are so many gorgeous outdoor venues to choose from.

The arbour is meticulously decorated with a spray of stunning flowers. Gorgeous drapings sway in the breeze.

Is it modern? Is it rustic? No doubt, outdoor weddings are truly lovely, no matter how quaint or how elaborate the setting may be.

Here are three things you may want to consider for a ceremony held in the outdoors.

1. The first is to be on time with your ceremony. Consider your family and friends who are waiting - sometimes in the blazing sun, the hot outdoors, rain or cold. Summer days here in Ontario can be very hot, hazy and humid. Not everyone likes the summer heat and some people may become quite agitated. It doesn’t take long for some to overheat, especially seniors, children or someone with an illness. The last thing you want at your ceremony is someone passing out from over-heating.

As in the picture below, to beat the heat, friends and family members moved to stand in the shade.

It was a hot July day – one of the hottest days of that summer.

Some couples actually put their ceremony time half an hour earlier on their invitations. This ensures everyone is there on time and the ceremony can start promptly.

2. You might want to consider having cool water, fruit punch or other beverage available when your guests arrive. This way they can stay hydrated. Your guests may have been stuck in traffic and/or traveled a distance to come to attend your wedding. Before your ceremony works. Your venue logistics have much to do with this. Guests handling their drinks during the ceremony may be cumbersome but having a drink before it starts is a great option.

3. High heels and grassy areas don’t always go together very well. Consider your location. Is there a long walk to your ceremony? Is the area uneven or hilly? Having flip flops on hand for your family and friends may be a good alternative. 

When planning your outdoor dream ceremony remember to think of the weather, be creative, consider your guests and strive to start on time.

Say “I do” with the outdoor ceremony of your dreams.

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