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Irene Kaye - Wedding Ceremony Officiant

I love weddings ... words escape me to describe the wonderful

loving energy as a couple takes their first step into their

new journey of married life together.

As a wedding officiant, I help create a Celebration of Love that is moving and memorable - a celebration based on the couples values, customs, traditions and beliefs and, most importantly, a couple's LOVE.

Ceremonies can be love-based, spiritual, non-denominational and/or semi-religious. They can include hand-fasting, candle ceremonies, smudging, blanket, sand, tree planting, family unity and more.

This past year I had my first veil-coin-chord tradition.

If a couple would like a friend or family member perform the ceremony,

well ... I can help with that too.

The magic is certainly no less, even when I’m asked to

simply “Make it Legal” either on site or at my home office.

Did I mention? “I love weddings. Especially, the ceremony.”


I am a non-denominational (metaphysical) Minister duly ordained by the Bancroft Centre for Awakening Spiritual Growth. One of the main precepts of the Bancroft Centre is honouring where each person is (or is not) on their spiritual path. As a minister I’m also an officiant of Celebrations of Life.

What a wonderful calling to be able to celebrate love and life’s transitions.

My 12 year background as a public speaker and in speech/workshop writing is a definite asset in both creating and presenting. I am a 2x Distinguished Toastmaster which is the highest designation awarded by Toastmasters International.

Enjoying Life

I Love to have fun

. . . and on a personal note

I’ve always believed that laughter is the best medicine! Been known to have a bit of a sense of humour. Yes, have won humourous speech contests and I even facilitated Laughter (Hasya) Yoga. Besides, you really do need a sense of humour to manage the script microphone, the rings; all while trying to move away so the videographers and photographers get their shot - - or - - try keeping the ceremonial candles lit in the middle of an open field or golf course. Not to mention, how difficult it is not to thoroughly enjoy the laughter and antics with my wonderful baby twin grandchildren, oh, and Mr. Kinglsey, our pet dog, too. Frolicking around on the floor with them is totally a blast.

- - -

It's an honour to be included as part of a very Special Day ceremony

. . . Celebrating Love

. . . some more background 

A life-long learner junkie, I am a Reiki Master/Teacher, Blue Star Master/Teacher, Rites of the Munay-Ki, meditation facilitator, Social Service Worker/Volunteer Manager. I facilitate seminars and workshops based on personal growth and self-awareness, as well as leadership development.

Celebrating Love

with Irene Kaye

.... simply magical

now booking into 2022 | still dates 2021

Celebrating Love

I love weddings.

Always have.

Especially, the ceremony.

The vows, the rings, the fun, the first kiss, the joy, the first look, the joy-filled nervousness, the sparkle and especially, the LOVE.

… it’s simply magical

Irene Kaye

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